Ron LeeSep 6, 2017, 11:15 am

Massapequa 6th graders begin classes at middle school for first time in district history

Decision to move the students to Alfred G. Berner Middle School from the elementary school was reached less than a month ago


Despite efforts this summer to stop it from happening, on Wednesday, for the first time in district history, sixth graders in Massapequa reported to the middle school, not the elementary school, for their first day of classes.

The final decision over whether to move sixth graders to the Alfred G. Berner Middle School was reached less than a month ago when the state education commissioner rejected a vote by Massapequa’s newly elected school board to undo the shift.

While the uncertainty over where those students would attend school threw the district out of sorts this summer, an estimated 550 sixth graders will be sharing the same school building as seventh and eighth graders.

And while many taxpayers and parents are torn on the issue, there is still a chance that the decision to move the sixth graders to the middle school will be reversed. It just won't happen in the 2017-2018 school year.

Last month, the state education commissioner responded to a petition from parents by saying the move would go forward as her office completes a review of the matter.

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