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Adelphi sets Pakistani student up with job so he can sustain himself, stay in college

Sikandar Shahzad’s plan to go home for summer was stunted by worries over travel ban which he feared would bar him from re-entry


An Aldephi University student who is afraid to go back to his native Pakistan because of the president's travel ban was given a job so that he could stay in the country instead of going back to his family’s home during the summer.

Though the travel ban does not bar citizens of Pakistan from entering the country, 19-year-old Sikandar Shahzad does not want to take the risk of leaving the U.S.

“You don't know what trump will decide next,” the incoming sophomore student said. “I was worried if I would be allowed to get in when I get back.”

Following his freshman year, the computer science major was planning on visiting his family back home in Pakistan over the summer, but then, President Donald Trump's travel ban went into effect and caused him to reconsider his options.

Since an additional summer in Garden City was not in the family's budget, Adelphi arranged a job at the International Student Office where Shahzad gets paid to help other students from abroad.

“Because of this job I can pay for my housing. So my parents don't have to worry about that,” he said.

And though does miss home, Shahzad says he's thankful that Adelphi helped make this summer's unexpected stay a little bit easier.

“I can't thank them enough for getting me this job,” he said.

Shahzad is off to a great start at his new job. He's already signed on to work there in the fall and has already been promoted to the position of international mentor.

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