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First Long Island home for people with eating disorders to open in Glen Cove

City officials unanimously rejected the company’s application, a decision that was later reversed by state officials


GLEN COVE — A private residence for people with eating disorders, the first of its kind on Long Island, is opening in Glen Cove several months after the city originally rejected that application.

The City of Glen Cove must allow Miami-based Monte Nido and Affiliates to convert a three-story mansion near the Long Island Railroad station into a 14-bed treatment center.

"It's really a victory for the residents of Long Island,” said Monte Nido Chief Development Officer Jennifer Gallagher said during a phone interview. “There are 100,000 folks with eating disorders, and there is no residential treatment facility for adults on all of Long Island."

The city council unanimously rejected the company's application in February after many people argued the home would change the character of the neighborhood.

"It's going to be extra traffic for people that live right there. I live down the street. Why do you need a $2 million house to have people recover from anorexia?" asked Karen Dahl.

Monte-Nido and Affiliates then appealed that decision to the State Office of Mental Health, arguing at a hearing on April 6 that the vacant home is covered under state “Padavan Law” which allows group homes to bypass local zoning regulations. Monte Nido says the treatment center should be up and running by the end of this year after the state signs off on paperwork and does an on-site survey.

Glen Cove Mayor Timothy Tenke says the city will have an executive meeting Tuesday to talk about its response. Mayor Tenke previously tried to reach an agreement with Monte-Nido on an alternate location for the group home. However, the company turned down his suggestions because the sizes of any other properties were too small.

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