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Adelphi University welcomes class of 2020, its largest group of freshman in 120 years

In all, 1,200 students have enrolled and will start classes on Monday

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Adelphi University is welcoming in the largest freshman class in 120 years. This Sunday marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of twelve-hundred freshmen at the college.

The university held their annual Matriculation Ceremony, a tradition where university leaders, staff, faculty celebrate the introduction of the largest freshman class in more than a century.

“We are Adelphi…the discovery, the challenge, friendship and teamwork will all be yours," President Christine M. Riordan said to a packed auditorium.

Undergrad student Kevin Nayotl, who chose Adelphi for their physics program, says he is eager to embark on his academic journey.

"Adelphi is really generous with their money. They gave me a full ride and right now it’s amazing to know I’ll be graduating in an undergraduate here and then be going to a prestigious university."

Nayotl says he's ecstatic to be carrying boxes of belongings into the dorms he will be calling home for the next few years.

"It just has so many different types of people and you get to feel like the campus is your home right away and that's definitely why I joined," he said;

By Monday, summer break will be officially over and the class of 2020 will be breaking out their laptops and books as they prepare for their first semester of classes.

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