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Former President Bill Clinton speaks to students at LIU

Clinton addressed subjects from North Korea to gun control and divisions in America in the Q&A


Long Island University's Tilles Center for the performing arts was filled on Thursday night to hear the words of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States.

The event, hosted by the Global Institute at LIU hosted the event, and former Rep. Steve Israel, the institute's chair, invited Clinton to talk about "the current state fo the world".

Clinton continuously mentioned the importance and benefit of diversity, of creating an inclusive society and inclusive politics during his comments, telling the audience "I believe our goal should be to build more inclusive prosperity, and more inclusive societies where everyone feels they have a place."

Israel moderated a Q&A with clinton, asking questions regarding such issues as North Korea. Clinton responded that, while Kim Jong Un has said and done enough to be considered a serious concern, a diplomatic solution should not be abandoned.

"We should be working like crazy with the Chinese to try and get a common posture, and work with the Japanese who don't want to be forced into becoming a nuclear power, and the South Koreans, who need this like a hole in the head, and the Russians who don't want it either," Clinton said.

Clinton also recommended allowing voters to have a direct voice on gun control issues, rather than leaving it to lobbyists and politicians.

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