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Feb 27
published by rtorres 7:55pm, Feb. 27, 2014 in Blog

To make the Kerala style coconut curry:

- In a hot pan add 1Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
- Add 1 cup each of chopped red onion and spanish onion, sauté until translucent over medium heat
- Add 1/2 cup of green chillies (adjust according to spice level desired)
- Add 1cup chopped vine ripened tomatoes, let cook on low heat
- Simultaneously in another hot pan prepare to toast spices
- Add enough olive oil to coat the second pan
- On a low heat add 6-8 whole cloves
- Add 2 tsp cumin powder
- Add 2 tsp garam masala
- Add 2 tsp turmeric powder
- Add 2 tsp ground cayenne powder (adjust according to spice level desired)
- Add 3 tsp garlic paste
- Add 3 tsp ginger paste, mix together in pan until toasted, then add to onion, chilies and tomato mixture
- Deglaze same pan that had spices in it with 1qt coconut milk
- Add all coconut milk in to onion, chilies, tomato and spices mixture, stir thoroughly and bring to a boil, lowering heat and simmering for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally
- While curry is cooking, season with salt and white pepper one Mahi Mahi filet
- Add 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to a smoking hot sauté pan
- Sear the Mahi Mahi skin side down until skin is caramelized and slightly crispy. Flip the filet, then sear on the other side
- Place Mahi Mahi in oven and cook for 12-14 minutes on 350 degrees heat
- While Mahi Mahi is cooking, remove curry from heat and let sit for 5 minutes
- Blend curry in a blender, beginning at low speed and then pulsing every now and then

To plate:

- Add steamed Jasmin or Basmati Rice on plate
- Add roasted Acorn squash or the vegetables of your choice on top of rice
- Place Mahi Mahi on top, pour curry over fish, garnish with chopped scallions to add color

As told to us by West East All Natural Bistro & Bar co-owner and executive chef Jay Jadeja. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Feb 20
published by rtorres 8:15pm, Feb. 20, 2014 in Blog


6 oz Cooked Pork Belly (Recipe To Follow)
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp Favorite Teriyaki Sauce
1 Large Whole Egg
6 oz Cooked Japanese style Round Udon Noodle Handful Julienned Vegetables such as Carrots, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Bok Choy, Scallions
2 Cups Seasoned Dashi Broth (Recipe to Follow)
4-7 Large Peeled and deveined Prawns
1 tsp Olive Oil

Marinate cooked Pork Belly in the mustard and teriyaki sauce. In a large nonstick saute pan heat olive oil until hot. Add the pork belly fat side down. When first side of pork is crisp turn the belly over. In same pan, at same time fry egg sunny side up while pork is frying on the other side. When the Egg is cooked remove it and place on a small plate while rest of dish is prepared. While pan is still hot and pork is crisp, add shrimp, noodles and vegetables placing each in its own pile cutting the pan into fourths. When shrimp is cooked on bottom, turn them over and add the 2 cups of prepared Dashi broth.
Simmer 1 minute until shrimp are cooked through and pork is hot all the way through. Add fried egg to the middle of broth to reheat. In a large decorative bowl remove the ingredients in this order: Noodles first (the bottom) then the veggies, the shrimp, pork and finishing with the egg sunny side up on top. Place 3-4 dots of Sriracha around bowl. Serve hot with chopsticks and large soup spoon.

For the Pork Belly (made a day ahead):
2lb Fresh Pork Belly Skin On
16 oz beer (preferably an IPA)
Salt and Pepper

Pre Heat Oven to 300. Generously season the pork with salt and pepper and place in baking pan.
Pour beer over the pork until almost submerged. Cover with aluminum and cook 2-3.5 hours until very soft and a knife goes all the way thru center with zero resistance. Take pan from oven and cool the belly in the liquid until chilled all the way thru. Discard beer and place belly on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife gently skin the belly and potion into 3-4 squared portions and reserve refrigerated for usage.

For the Dashi Broth (made 1 hour ahead of time):

1 Tsp Sesame Oil
½ Sliced White onion
1 Large Piece Ginger, cut in Half
3 sprigs of Cilantro
1 whole Clove Garlic
2 oz. Rice Wine Vinegar
Dried Dashi Soup Base (Found in Asian Markets or Gormet Store)
1 Quart Spring Water

In a medium sauce pot heat sesame oil on medium heat. Saute onion, ginger, cilantro and garlic for one minute until flavors bloom and smells come from pot. Add vinegar and appropriate amount of Dashi powder (according to package). Stir constantly until vinegar is almost reduced, then add water. Simmer broth for 20 minutes on low heat. Strain broth thru fine sieve, discarding solids.

As told to us by Left Coast Kitchen & Cocktails co-owner and executive chef Chris Randell. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Jan 23
published by rtorres 7:35pm, Jan. 23, 2014 in Blog

To prepare lump crab meat crust lemon aioli:

- In a bowl add:
- 6 oz minced garlic
- 4 oz lemon juice
- 4 oz egg yolk plain
- 2 oz Dijon mustard
- 1 oz Kosher salt
- 1 QT canola oil
- 1 QT extra virgin olive oil,
- Combine all ingredients and pulse slowly emulsify with oil season
- Add 4 oz of lump crab meat and lightly toss until ingredients are binded equally

For the Chilean sea bass:

- Season 7 oz piece of Chilean sea bass with salt and pepper evenly on both sides
- On medium-high heat add 1 oz of extra virgin olive oil in pan
- Add fish to pan and let come to a golden brown on each side
- Add crab meat crust on top of fish evenly , then place in oven at 425 degrees for approximately 5 minutes (When finished crab meat crust should have a nice golden brown color)

To prepare vegetables side dish:

- Shave on a mandolin:
- 1 zucchini
- 1 squash
- 1 carrot
- Add 1/2 oz of olive oil to pan and heat
- Add shaved vegetables to the pan with 1/4 cup fresh peas and corn
- Add 1/4CUP fresh pea and corn
- On medium-high heat season with a pinch of salt and let saute in pan until vegetables are fully cooked through

To plate dish:

- Drizzle Beurre Blanc sauce(Lemon butter sauce) around the edge of plate
- Place vegetables in center of plate
- Place a potato pancake over vegetables
- Place fish on top on potato pancake
- Drizzle basil oil around plate and garnish with micro greens

As told to us by City Cellar executive chef Mike Abbatiello. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Jan 10
published by jflanagan 8:03am, Jan. 10, 2014 in Blog

Restaurant Hunter "Signature Dish" Recipe: Whole Peking Duck for Two at Monsoon in Babylon

To make duck marinade:

- In a bowl combine:
- 2 oz. oyster sauce
- 2 oz. hoisin sauce
- 1tbsp. ginger powder
- 1tbsp. Chinese five spice
- 1tbsp. orange peel powder
- 1/2 tbsp. licorice powder
- 1/2 tbsp. ground white pepper
- 2 tbsp. sugar
- 2 tbsp. salt
- 2 cups ginger
- 2 cups scallions
- Mix all ingredients together until evenly incorporated, then set aside
- Rub the inside of duck's cavity with marinade, then stuff cavity with 2 cups of ginger and 2 cups of charred scallions

To blanch duck:

- In pot bring 1 gal. water to a boil, then add:
- 2 tbsp. maltose and stir to melt
- 2 bunches of scallions
- 3 star anise pods
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 1 cup sliced ginger
- 1 cup red wine vinegar
- 1/2 cup of salt
- Over high heat let boil for approximately 3-5 minutes
- Baste whole duck with liquid in pot for 5 minutes until skin expands
- Hang overnight in a refrigerator to dry
- Remove from refrigerator and roast, hanging, at 375 degrees for 45 minutes or until skin is crispy and an internal temperature of 140 degrees is reached

To plate:

- Remove the skin first and set aside
- Remove all the meat from the bone and slice, then place on plate lined with 2 oz. of hoisin sauce
- Slice the crispy skin and place on the top of meat creating a shell
- Serve with side of cucumbers and hoisin sauce, garnish with scallion greens, bias cut, and steamed buns

As told to us by Monsoon Executive Chef Michael Wilson. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Nov 14
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(Makes Approximately 20 Pieces of Fried Mac & Pepper Jack)

To make pasta:

- On high heat in a large pot bring 2 gallons of water to a boil with 3 tablespoons of kosher salt
- Add 2 pounds of cellentani pasta
- On high heat boil pasta until it is fully cooked (approximately 8 minutes)
- When finished, drain pasta and set aside for later use in a large mixing bowl

To make roux:

- In a small saucepan melt 1/2-pound of unsalted butter over low-medium heat
- Once the butter is completely melted, slowly add 2 cups of flour and whisk until completely incorporated
- Cook over low heat for 2 minutes and set aside

To make cheese sauce:

- In a large saucepan bring 1 quart of whole milk and 1quart of cream to a boil over high heat
- Once at a boil reduce heat to medium and slowly whisk in 1 pound of white cheddar cheese and 2 pounds of yellow cheddar cheese. Continuously whisk until the cheese is completely incorporated and sauce is smooth.
- Once it is smooth bring the sauce back up to a boil over low-medium heat
- Whisk in the roux vigorously until smooth again (the sauce should be thick when finished)
- Add cheese sauce into the bowl of pasta and add 1 pound of yellow cheddar
- Mix with large spoon or rubber spatula until every piece of pasta is covered in sauce
- Pour pasta into a half sheet tray (cookie sheet) and wrap completely in plastic
- Set in refrigerator with another sheet tray on top with approximately 20 pounds on top of that tray and let sit for 1-2 days (the longer the weight is on top the easier it will be to cut and bread)

To cut and bread

- Remove pasta from sheet tray by placing cutting board on top and flip it over
- Cut the sheet of pasta into triangles (approximately 4 pieces width wise and 1 inch thick)
- In separate bowls add 2 quarts of flour, 3 quarts of panko beadcrumbs and 6 eggs whisked in with 1 cup of whole milk
- One at a time completely coat pasta triangles with flour, then shake excess flour off, then cover with eggwash, then cover with breadcumbs then cover once more with eggwash, then breadcrumbs
- Deep fry for about 2 minutes in oil, set to 350 degrees
- To plate dish, drizzle cajun-spiced ranch dressing on plate, place triangles on plate and drizzle once more with dressing, then garnish with chopped chives

As told to us by The Good Life chef Scott Zachmann. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Nov 7
published by rtorres 8:03pm, Nov. 07, 2013 in Blog

(Makes 36 Ravioli)

To make raspberry filling:

- In a large pot add 3 pints of black raspberries
- Add 3 CUPS sugar
- Add 1 QUART of water, let reduce for approximately 15-20 minutes on medium-high heat
- In a separate container add a 1/2 cup cold water with 2oz of unflavored gelatin, then add to ingredients in pot and let boil for approximately 2 minutes on medium-high heat
- When finished boiling, pour ingredients in pot into a 4-inch shallow pan and let chill in refrigerator for 24 hours until mix is a thick, firm jelly-like texture

To make chocolate ravioli sheets:

- In a mixer add 8oz pancake mix
- Add 8oz of all purpose flour
- Add 8oz of durum flour
- Add 3 extra large eggs
- Add 1/2 CUP of cold water
- Add 1/2 TSP of shortening
- Add 1/4 CUP dutch cocoa powder
- Add 1TSP chocolate extract
- Mix all ingredients in mixer on low speed, until dough texture becomes crumbs
- Remove dough from mixer and roll in machine into a sheet to desired thickness
- Lay sheets on table and cut in half (one for top of the ravioli and one for the bottom)
- On bottom sheet add 1TSP of the chilled black raspberry filling approximately 3 inches apart from each other
- Lay top sheet over filling and place ravioli cutter over top and press down firmly to cut ravioli, then prepare to fry

To fry ravioli:

- In a medium-sized sauté pan add a half a stick of unsalted butter and let melt on medium-high heat
- Add ravioli in pan raised side down, and let cook on medium-high heat for approximately 1 minute until crispy, then flip ravioli over and repeat step

To Plate Dish:

- Garnish with 2 scoops of vanilla gelato
- Add 3 black raspberries
- Add small vine of champagne grapes (If in season)
- Drizzle chocolate and raspberry sauce on plate
- Add desired amount of ravioli to plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar

As told to us by Mascali owner and executive chef Jim Bancheri. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Oct 17
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(Makes one serving)

- Pound thin a 4-ounce boneless chicken breast and cut into 8 pieces

- Dredge chicken in 1/4 cup of flour

- In a medium-sized saute pan, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to pan over medium-high heat, browning chicken on both sides

- Add 1 teaspoon of chopped shallots

- Add 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt

- Add 1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper

- Add 1/2 teaspoon of dried basil

- Add 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley
- Add 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic, then put back on stove and let garlic come to a golden brown

- Add 1/4 cup of white wine, reduce white wine by half

- Add 1 1/2 cups of organic baby spinach to the same pan, cook for approximately 2 minutes on medium high heat

- Add 1/4 cup of heavy cream, reducing for 2 minutes on medium high heat

- Add 1 tablespoon of fresh chiffonade basil

- Add ladle full of marinara sauce, let simmer for approximately 2 minutes

- Add cooked rigatoni pasta to pan

- Add 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese

- Dice 1/4 pound fresh cubed mozzarella cheese to pan and mix ingredients together, then immediately plate dish

As told to us by chef Phil Morizio. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Oct 10
published by tvineeth 2:11pm, Oct. 10, 2013 in Blog

(Makes one serving)

- Trim fat from one 8-ounce chicken breast, then butterfly and pound thin

- Stuff chicken with:
- 2 ounces huitlacoche (corn mushroom)
- 1 roasted poblano pepper, sliced
- 2 ounces chihuahua cheese
- 2 ounces oaxaca cheese

- Roll chicken tightly in saran wrap and twist ends; repeat this step once more with tin foil

- Fill medium-sized roasting pan with 1 quart of water

- Place wrapped chicken inside of steamer basket, then cover tightly with tin foil and let steam in 400-degree oven for 20-25 minutes

- Once chicken is done steaming, bread chicken in a dusting of all purpose flour, followed by a dip in egg wash and then a coating of bread crumbs

- Fry chicken in 350-degree cooking oil for 3-5 minutes

To make Tequila mushroom sauce:

- Over medium heat in frying pan add 1 tablespoon of blended oil

- Add 2 ounces of sliced white mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes

- Add 1 tablespoon of chopped jalapenos and let cook for 2 minutes

- Add 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic and let brown

- Add a pinch of salt and pepper

- Add 1/4 cup of tequila (silver preferred)

- Add 1/4 cup of heavy cream

- Allow sauce to thicken

- Plate dish by slicing pollo relleno into five pieces, pouring mushroom tequila sauce over top and garnishing with cilantro

As told to us by CaraCara executive chef Daniel Mendoza. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on FiOS1!

Aug 22
published by Anonymous 6:04am, Aug. 22, 2013 in Blog

Restaurant Hunter "Signature Dish" Recipe: Grillades and Grits at Big Daddy's Restaurant in Massapequa

To Make Grillades Sauce:

- In a sauce pot over medium heat, add:
- 4 oz chopped celery
- 4 oz chopped onions
- 2 oz chopped red peppers
- 2 oz chopped green peppers
- 2 oz chopped jalepino peppers
- 2 oz chopped garlic

- Sweat in 2 oz of butter and let cook for 3 minutes

- Still over medium heat, add to pot:
- 4 oz tomato puree
- 4 oz chopped tomatoes
- 4 oz red wine
- 4 oz hot sauce
- 4 oz Worcestershire sauce
- 1 teaspoon each of dried basil, thyme, and oregano
- 1tablespoon black pepper
- 1teaspoon crushed red pepper
- 2 quarts veal stock

- Thicken sauce with roux (4 oz butter and 4 oz flour mixed together)

- Cook over medium heat for 1 hour

- When finished, set aside for later use

To Prepare Veal:

- Take 3 pieces of 3 oz veal medallions per portion and pound thin

- Season both sides of veal with salt and pepper and dredge in seasoned flour

- Heat 3 oz of olive oil in a pan over high heat

- Add a tablepsoon of butter, followed by veal, and brown on both sides

- Remove veal from pan and set aside

- In the same pan, empty excess oil and add 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic, 2 oz diced tomatoes, a pinch of fresh chopped parsley, basil and oregano

- Deglaze pan with 4 oz red wine, then add 6 oz of grillades sauce

- Return veal to pan, cook over high heat for 2 minutes

To Make Grits :

- In a sauce pot over low heat, add:
- 2 oz whole chopped onion
-1 cup chicken stock
- 1 cup milk
- 1 cup heavy cream
- 2 oz cream cheese
- Pinch salt and pepper

- Stir in 1/4 cup dry hominy grits

- Let cook over low heat for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, until grits have a soft texture and all liquids have been absorbed

-Add 1 teaspoon of chopped habanero pepper

-Add 2 oz crumbled goat cheese and stir into the grits

- Finish by placing grits on plate, then the veal on top, pouring grillades sauce over veal and garnishing with chopped scallions

As told to us by Ethos executive chef Craig Bedell. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

Aug 7
published by Anonymous 1:26pm, Aug. 07, 2013 in Blog

Restaurant Hunter "Signature Dish" Recipe: Soft Shell Crabs with Fennel Salad at Ethos in Great Neck

(Makes one serving)

To prepare soft shell crabs:

- Cut and clean soft shell crab (each crab weigh roughly 3 ounces).

- Coat top shell only with approximately 4 ounces of panko bread crumbs.

- Heat 2 ounces of olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat.

- Add crabs top shell down in pan, and let cook on medium heat for approximately 2-3 minutes until golden brown, then flip over and repeat step. Once both sides have a golden brown color, remove from pan and set aside.

To prepare fennel salad:

- Shave 1/2 head of fennel into a bowl.

- Add to bowl 6 grape tomatoes (cut in half), 3 finely chopped mint leaves, 1 handful of pea leaves, 2 ounces of extra virgin olive oil, 1 ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 ounce of Ouzo, and a pinch of salt and pepper, then toss.

To plate the dish:

- Place fennel salad in corner of dish, then stack the two crabs on top. Drizzle aleppo pepper mayonnaise and basil mayonnaise on top of crabs.

As told to us by Ethos executive chef Jorge Copantitla. Watch new episodes of "Restaurant Hunter" Thursday nights at 8 PM on FiOS1!

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