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Oct 24
published by tvineeth
07:47am, Oct 24, 2013

FiOS1 Meteorologist Brian Fitzgerald let us in on a little weather secret... actually he says it's no secret at all. It's just science!

We see our breath generally when the temperature drops below 45 degrees. This happens because the moisture added to the air by your lungs, and mouth condenses as it mixes with the cool air to create a type of fog.

Jul 18
published by tvineeth
07:38am, Jul 18, 2013

Heat and humidity continue to keep things steamy through the end of the week. However, relief is finally within view for much of the area. A line of strong storms will come through on Saturday along with a cold front and in it's wake for Sunday are cooler temperatures and less humidity.

Apr 04
published by Brian Fitzgerald
05:30am, Apr 04, 2013


Don't break out the spring clothing just yet! It is still cold this morning with wind chill values in the 20's. But as promised change is coming, and it is the type of change I think the large majority of us have been waiting for. Yup, spring like weather is finally arriving this weekend and this time I think it sticks around.


Apr 03
published by Brian Fitzgerald
07:10am, Apr 03, 2013


It feels more like winter on this early April morning than spring. With the gusty breeze factored in wind chill values make it feel like it's in the mid 20's. Along with the breeze is the dry air and low relative humidity prompting the National Weather Service to issue a Red Flag Warning for the increased risk of brush fires.


A few showers are possible Friday afternoon and Friday evening as a storm system passes south and east of the island. This does not look overly problematic and should exit without many problems.

Mar 21
published by Brian Fitzgerald
07:34am, Mar 21, 2013


A storm system passing well south and east of the island is producing some light snow across the region this morning. I expect snow will only accumulate on colder surfaces such as grass, cars, porches, etc. Up to one inch of snow is possible in spots. I don't see this being a major issue for the morning commute as roadways will primarily be wet. Any scattered snow should end by early this afternoon.


Mar 18
published by Brian Fitzgerald
07:50am, Mar 18, 2013


A complex storm system will move up the coast tonight into Tuesday morning. Cold air will allow for the storm to begin as a mix of snow, sleet, and rain during the late afternoon. By mid-evening we slowly begin to change to more of a rain solution and we'll stay that way through Tuesday morning. North and west of New York City will stay with a prolonged frozen precipitation event leaving higher accumulations in those communities.

Mar 12
05:45am, Mar 12, 2013


A cold front is swinging through the region today and I expect it to produce heavy rain at times. Reduced visibility and ponding on the roadways is the major concern with this system. We can expect between .75 - 1.0" of rain to fall between the time period of this morning and this afternoon. Most of the rain will have exited by this evening with the exception of a few far east communities along the forks.


Mar 07
published by Brian Fitzgerald
07:30am, Mar 07, 2013

Snow this Morning

Snow shower activity continues to effect parts of the island especially along the east end. I'm am not overly concerned with this aspect since surface temperatures are generally not allowing it to stick. Some light snow and rain likely at times this afternoon however no accumulation is expected.

North Shore Flooding

Mar 04
published by Brian Fitzgerald
09:23am, Mar 04, 2013

A northwest breeze keeps our temperatures today feeling rather chilly. We find ourselves sandwiched between a low pressure off to the north and east and a high pressure to the south and west. The difference in pressure between the two systems leads to gusty winds for those of us stuck in the middle. Expect sunshine mixed with a fair amount of cloud cover this afternoon with wind chills in the 20's and 30's.


Mar 01
published by Brian Fitzgerald
08:59am, Mar 01, 2013


An upper level low pressure system continues to keep us under a deep cyclonic flow. This means the influence of a stubburn storm system north and east of us continues to push clouds and a cool breeze into our region. I am not willing to take the appearance of the sun off the table, but I think it will be limited. Afternoon highs will be in the low 40's with wind chill values in the 30's. Besides a stray sprinkle of rain on Saturday I think we stay primarily dry through the weekend.


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