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Apr 22
published by tvineeth
12:11pm, Apr. 22, 2012

Heavy rain is hitting Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the National Weather Service has forecast that the rainfall will continue through Searly Monday with possible flooding. The flood watch remains in effect Monday morning's commute, according to the weather service. The heavy rain and flooding along with strong winds have caused power outages in our area. Local roads are also closed due to fallen trees and down power lines. Get more information on our weather page.

Apr 11
published by Brian Fitzgerald
6:10am, Apr. 11, 2012

We hear about brush fires so often in all types of national news. However, we do not often hear about them in our region. So why have these conditions settled in such an unlikely place like Long Island?

The answer is rather simple. First and foremost our precipitation is well below average. In fact we’ve only had about half the amount of wet weather this year than we had at this time last year. So it is dry. Now take that and add low relative humidity, and a gusty breeze and the ingredients are all there for rapid fire development.

We’re not done yet. Remember this past winter? The lack of snowfall actually plays a roll in all this. Without any snowpack to tamp down field grass and forest debris it becomes a more accessible fuel and can lead to a faster spreading fire.

With no huge rain events in our near future we may continue to deal with this touchy situation for quite a while.

Apr 3
published by CJ Papa
5:41am, Apr. 03, 2012

A chilly start to the day gives way to milder numbers this afternoon. As high pressure holds strong over the eastern seaboard, we can expect plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the lower 60s. A warm front approaches this evening, resulting in thickening clouds. Temperatures will remain on the mild side overnight in the mid 40s. There is a slight chance for showers to start the day tomorrow, then turning sunny and warm with highs near 65.

Mar 10
published by CJ Papa
12:19pm, Mar. 10, 2012

The weather roller coaster continues this weekend. Saturday is on the chilly side with temperatures topping out in the mid 40s. It feels more like the lower 30s as winds may gust up to 30 mph at times throughout the day. Temperatures will jump close to 15 degrees for Sunday and continue to trend upward through the middle of the week. Some areas could reach the mid 60s on Tuesday.

A quick weather update:

Tonight: Partly Cloudy. Lows near 30 degrees.
Sunday: Sunny Skies. Highs in the mid 50s.
Monday: Mostly Sunny. Highs near 60 degrees.

Jan 2
published by Brian Fitzgerald
8:30am, Jan. 02, 2012

A cold blast of arctic air will settle into place starting tonight and lasting through Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures at night will drop into the teens and the wind will become gusty. That means once again we need to consider that pesky wind chill factor and really feel temperatures falling below zero. To find the last time it got this cold we would have to rewind all the way back to February of last year.

However we do have a few rays of sunshine at the end of this icy cold tunnel. The frigid temperatures don’t last long; in fact we will be back above average by the end of the week.

And by the way… Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012!

Dec 23
published by CJ Papa
7:55pm, Dec. 23, 2011

A fast moving storm moved through Long Island last night leaving behind roughly an inch of rain. The good news is we're going to inherit high pressure throughout the holiday weekend. This means plenty of sunshine for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Earlier in the week there was a possibility for precipitation, but that system appears to stay well to our South. Temperatures will be slightly below average for Saturday, maxing out in the upper 30s. This in result to a Northerly wind flow. Winds will shift to the Southwest for Sunday warming Long Island slightly into the mid 40's.

Happy Holidays from the FiOS 1 Weather Center!!!!

Nov 26
published by CJ Papa
11:54am, Nov. 26, 2011

Another beautiful weekend across Long Island! If you didn't get the chance to shop yesterday, today would be a great day to hit the outlets. Sunny skies with highs in the mid 60s. Usually this time of the year we top out near 50. It's still mild on Sunday. Highs near 60 with a few more clouds. Rain will interrupt the beginning of the work week with temperatures falling into the 40s by Thursday.

From the FiOS1 Weather Center, happy shopping!!!

Nov 9
published by Brian Fitzgerald
8:38am, Nov. 09, 2011

The mild temperatures over the past couple days have felt great! Yesterday we reached 70 degrees setting the record high in Islip. The previous record was set in 2007 at 67 degrees. Unfortunately the warm temperatures are not going to last for much longer. A front passes through on Thursday bringing a few rain showers and dropping us back into the 50's for Friday and the weekend.

Oct 25
6:10pm, Oct. 25, 2011

The jetstream has aligned itself in a zonal pattern across the northern United States. That means it is lined up in a west to east fashion and the result is a very fast moving weather pattern. There are several areas of low pressure that will affect Long Island over the next 5 days making it an active weather week.

The first low pressure will move overhead Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, we will be on the warm side of this system and there won't be much available moisture. The net result will be mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 60's, and a few scattered showers Wednesday afternoon.

The second storm will be a bit more significant and will bring a heavier, more widespread rain to Long Island. The rain will start up late Wednesday night and continue through much of day Thursday. Much cooler air will also accompany this system, so Thursday's temperatures will start out in the low 50's, but will likely fall into the upper 40's by afternoon.

Then, we look to the weekend to see if a significant coastal storm to our south will move far enough up the East Coast to bring us wind and rain on Saturday. At this point, it looks like the heaviest rain will fall just south and east of Long Island.

Oct 25
published by Brian Fitzgerald
5:52am, Oct. 25, 2011

Things are getting very interesting in the weather department with quite a bit to keep an eye from now through the upcoming weekend.

First...late Wednesday into Thursday. Expect moderate rain showers especially Thursday A.M. and early afternoon. Then its becomes MUCH colder Thursday night into Friday. In fact some snow showers into the Catskills, northern Hudson Valley, and Poconos could be likely Thursday night.

Second...The possibility of a coastal storm this weekend. (This one has A LOT more uncertainty) If some forecasting models prove true it could mean SNOW for parts of the area. Like I said...A lot of uncertainty, some models have the storm completely missing us. So...Verdict? Lets give these models a couple more days to get their act together before we sound any alarms. Since... it is only October right?? Then again the sound of October snow brings up bad thoughts for those of you with a good memory.

You already trust FiOS1 Meteorologists Brian Fitzgerald and John Heyman for your on-air forecasts. Now they’re bringing you more info on weather as it affects your day-to-day life in our new weather blog. Check back daily for storm updates, fun weather facts and more.


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