Cecilia DowdApr 13, 2018, 7:32 pmApr 13, 2018, 7:45 pm

Brentwood wants to be known for more than violence

Students rally for more funding for schools, education


BRENTWOOD — Brentwood students rallied on Friday afternoon for millions of dollars, in what they say, are owed by the state. Students marched and allied, as passersby heard their cries and chants.

“There was a court case in 2006 that adjusted the aid formulas for school. And from that point forward, we really are owed, if they followed that aid formula with Fidelity, we are owed hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Brentwood Superintendent Richard Loeschner. This year alone, he said they were owed $130 million.

One student mentioned the bad reputation that she believes Brentwood has gotten in the media. As FiOS1 News has reported, MS-13 has been pervasive in the area. But it was important to the students to show their community — and communities at-large — that Brentwood is so much more than the violence they believe it has come to be known for.

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