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The sporting goods store will no longer sell assault-style rifles

Hundreds of restaurants participate; deals at fixed-prices until Jan. 28

The Seattle-based company set off fierce competition last fall when it announced that it was looking for a second home, promising 50K jobs and construction spending of more than $5B

Gov. Cuomo wants to fund a study to find out

Dozens travel to Middletown for a chance to work at the future location for gambling

The Roslyn native was invited onto the show after his product received full funding on Kickstarter within 2 days

The IRS has not yet officially determined if they will even allow prepayment of 2018 property taxes to be deducted

Added concern that cuts will worsen after the tax cut plan takes effect

FiOS1 News speaks with Ali Mierzejewski, Senior Editor of 'The Toy Insider' about what to look for when shopping for the kids in your life

Tech expert Jonathan Bedoya shows off some of the coolest technology to help you stuff stockings this year

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