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Calverton woman says town cited her unregistered truck because of its religious sign

She claims the citation has nothing to do with her truck's registration


A sign on a large tractor trailer on a Calverton property is the subject of debate between its owner and the Town of Riverhead.

In May of this year, Marie Tooker says she wrote "I love you God thank you" on a trailer that has been on her family's more than 100 acres of land in Calverton for the past ten years. She tells us that she put the sign up because she was grateful after a family dispute was settled. But she says the town cited her in July for having an unregistered motor vehicle on her property.

“I am going to leave it there I am never going to take it away as long as I am still here on this farm and I am going to use it forever,” Tooker said.

She thinks the citation has nothing to do with the trailer being there. Instead, she says it is an attack on her freedom of speech and religion since she did not get the citation until after the sign was put up.

The owner says her first amendment rights are being violated.

“It has all to do with the writing, it has nothing to do with the trailer, this is a farm, and you can have a storage trailer,” she said.

Tooker plans on paying to have the trailer registered but has no plans on removing the signage.

She says she has received positive feedback about it and thinks it is good for the community to see positivity.

FiOS1 News reached out to the town and have not yet heard back.

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