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Camp Invention: The summer program where kids have a blast with STEM

Levittown science camp makes learning physics fun, collaborative


At Camp Invention, Levittown elementary students are having fun firing off bottle rockets but they're also learning valuable science skills.

"You learn a lot, you go outside, even if you're not really into school there's still a bunch of stuff for everyone," 5th grader Nicholas Mangfelt said.

Nicholas Mangfelt is one of 100 elementary school students in the district taking part in a new program that teaches kids science and math through hands-on activities, four academic, and two team building.

This is the first summer Levittown public schools is hosting the two-week, half-day summer camp but it's a national program that teaches STEAM activities—science technology engineering art and math—to kids across the country.

Siobhan Schneider, the Camp Invention director in Levittown, says kids have fun even though they are tackling high-level concepts.

“They don't realize how much science there is, and the engineering and math they're learning behind it," Schneider said.

The camp is run by certified teachers in the district along with student volunteers.

"They're constantly involved and constantly on task and really getting something out of it while they're there," Camp Invention counselor Eric Tompkins said.

One activity called Mission Space Makers challenges students to grow life on other planets and in the process, they learn how plants grow and study planets outside of the solar system.

"It's not just like a regular class,” 5th grader Chris Chianese said. “It's really fun and really interactive."

Levittown hopes to expand the program to more students next year.

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