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Car salesman claims incident in which boss pointed gun at him was racially motivated

Hempstead PD says 2 men, including one accused of threatening man with firearm, were arrested

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An African-American car salesman claims an incident in which his boss allegedly pointed a gun at him at work was racially motivated.

According to the Hempstead Police Department, officers responded the Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge and arrested two men: One who allegedly brought the gun to the dealership and the other person who they say pointed the weapon.

“God forbid there was a bullet in the gun and it went off, I wouldn't be speaking to you guys today,” said Marc Jean, a sales associate of Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge.

Jean says he wasn't sure if he'd live or die. At around 9 o'clock Friday morning, the 22-year-old Lakeview resident says he was attending the morning meeting, when all of a sudden his manager, a white man, pulled out a pistol.

“I was sitting down. He was standing over me, and he pointed the gun in my face,” Jean recalls.

Neither suspect has been publicly identified.

Jean says the handgun was pointed at him because he's African-American. He claims the manager who threatened him has made racist comments in the past, including using the "n" word.

Police officials say the pistol was not loaded and that the incident was not racially motivated.

But Jean's attorney, Frederick Brewington, disagrees.

He's seeking a full apology not only from the dealership, but also from the Jeep Chrysler and Dodge corporations.

“The fact that Hempstead Police say this is not racially motivated just goes to the denial that we have going on in our police departments these days. They haven't even done an investigation. How can they say it is not racially motivated?” Brewington said.

“I was scared, I was kind of hurt, kind of felt disrespected. Because, you know, I work long hours. For somebody to put a gun in my face, it's not right,” Jean added.

The dealership declined to comment. It is unclear if Jean will continue working as a salesman.

His attorney says a lawsuit will be filed, claiming Jean’s workplace rights were violated.

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