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Climbers take on over 30 flights of stairs to help victims of domestic violence

Participants raised money for nonprofit called Her Justice


NEW YORK, N.Y — Groups of people climbed 34 stairs at the historic Helmsley Building with the goal of raising awareness for domestic violence. The fundraising event was put on by Her Justice, a non-profit event that was sponsored by Verizon.

“What we do is we connect attorneys from the private bar with these women living in poverty who desperately need lawyers. They get so much better outcomes when they have an attorney by their side. And the attorneys can really shift their power and lend it to the women in crisis so they can have an effective and healthy life in New York City,” Amy Barasch of Her Justice said.

This is the eighth year that the fundraiser has taken place. This year, Her Justice wants to raise $500,000.

Some participants, although tired, said they were honored to be a part of the event.

“It’s rough. Once you get to that 10th floor, it's a slow down after that. But it’s a good cause,” Mitch Schinvein said.

All proceeds from the event will go towards the Her Justice organization.

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