Logan CrawfordAug 14, 2017, 1:59 pm

Amtrak repair work at Penn Station enters 6th week

Some riders say the summer schedule has not affected their commute much


HICKSVILLE — Monday marks the start of week six of the commuter crisis for Long Island Railroad riders passing through Penn Station as track repairs continue at the hub.

Commuters on the LIRR have so far had to endure some trains running at different times and fewer trains on the tracks. And there's still three weeks of the summer schedule to go.

"I have not had any problems so far," says Mindy Silberg of Jericho. Every day, she takes an off-peak train from Hicksville to the city.

"As a matter of fact, it seems like there are less people,” says Silberg. “So maybe they did a good job diverting everyone. I haven't noticed anything. My husband takes the train at seven in the morning, but he goes to Hunterspoint. So also for him, I don't think he's noticed a big change either."

MTA and LIRR officials have suggested commuters are avoiding Penn Station this summer. They either take the train to another hub or travel on a bus or ferry.

Riders are getting discount fares this summer for going to Hunterspoint Avenue or Atlantic Terminal. And MTA buses and ferries cross-honor LIRR ticket holders.

Amtrak officials say the repair work at Penn Station is expected to be done by Labor Day. The train schedule should return to normal then as well.

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