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Popular restaurant in Island Park says nearby construction is turning away customers

Peter's Clam Bar says work on bridge is affecting peak season for the business


ISLAND PARK — Construction on an old bridge near Peter's Clam Bar has been going on since last October. Initially, the business says the issue wasn't a huge problem but got worse when the work shifted over to the other side of the road at the beginning of the summer. Now the general manager says it’s forcing many of his customers away during peak season.

"A lot of complaints over the construction with the customers. It's very confusing to get into the parking lot, getting out of the parking lot, you know, fender benders… it’s a mess," says General Manager Pepe Poblador.

The restaurant's parking lot is open but cars have to cut across lanes of traffic and dodge barrels and cones to get inside. When the lot fills up, many customers resort to street parking, which is completely blocked by the cranes and chain-link fences.

Although the restaurant has been advertising that it's open during the construction and also open year round, it claims to have already lost thousands of dollars.

"A lot of people, they just go away, you know. They don't want to stop because the parking lot is full," Poblador says.

Peter's Clam Bar reached out to the company behind the construction, Plainview-based Grace Industries and asked it to postpone the work during the summer, but the restaurant says the company declined. The construction won't be finished until next April.

FiOS1 News also reached out to Grace Industries for comment but there was nobody available to speak.

A representative from the company said someone will try to get to FiOS1 News later on Tuesday.

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