Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts


Victim suffers non-life threatening injuries after planned attack

Authorities arrest 5 store clerks, recover 17 fake designer belts

Authorities say 4 juveniles have been arrested, warn drivers not to leave vehicles running while delivering order

Jerlin Villalta, 21, allegedly killed one-time gang member whose remains were at site of former Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital

Judge revokes Todd Howe's bail after testimony in Percoco corruption trial

The alleged dealer moved drugs from Long Island to Maryland, Washington D.C.

Anyone with information into crime at Theodore Roosevelt Park is urged to call the Crime Stoppers

Tim Sini says his department has already arrested 350 suspected MS-13 members since September 2016

Prosecutors argued that Officer Anthony Federico used excessive force during a 2016 incident outside of a bar

Dawn Goldstein and Richard Alvarez face charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property

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