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Governor Cuomo casts vote, shares thoughts on Trump

The Democratic incumbent says Nixon mailer ‘was a mistake’


MOUNT KISCO -- Governor Cuomo cast his vote in the gubernatorial primary Thursday and shared his thoughts on President Trump’s recent tweet regarding Puerto Rico. The president claims that two hurricanes which hit the Puerto Rico in 2017 did not amount in nearly 3,000 casualties.

"Look this president is delusional. He is delusional. What he did in Puerto Rico, I think first of all, is illegal and we're looking to sue him on the abandonment of Puerto Rico,” says Gov. Cuomo.

The incumbent candidate took the opportunity to talk with volunteer workers at the polling center after voting with his wife.

Gov. Cuomo also addressed the issue surrounding his former aide who, according to published reports, misrepresented his opponent, gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, by accusing her of being anti-Semitic in a mailer sent earlier this week.

"The mailer was a mistake,” says Gov. Cuomo. “I said that as soon as it came to light—as soon as I saw it. The tone was not appropriate. I ran this campaign fully positive. I never said a negative word about my opponent.”

Polls close at 9:00 p.m. across the state.

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