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Long Island county executives accept Gov. Cuomo’s challenge to slash property taxes

New Yorkers pay the most property taxes in the United States

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New York has the highest property taxes in the country—with $8,000 of Suffolk spending going to property taxes and $10,000 on average coming from Nassau, both beat the national average of $3,000 spent on property taxes.

Governor Cuomo wants to remedy this issue calling on county executives to gather all of their local governments into one room to see how resources can be shared in order to cut costs.

"The county executives are responsible for the county and we give the county executive to bring those governments together to find savings. Find out what you can do cooperatively, no one is forcing them to do anything and then put the plan on the ballot,” Cuomo stated.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano have endorsed the Governor Cuomo’s plan to reduce property taxes.

"I accept the challenge and I am confident my colleagues accept the challenge as well," Bellone said.

The plans that come out of the county meetings will be up for a vote by the taxpayers.

As further incentive, whatever percentage the local governments save will be matched by the state for the first year. The governor says this will work because every county in the state is different and has different needs, so each individual county will be able to decide where they can save.

The challenge is to do more with less and cut taxes for New Yorkers, who pay the highest property taxes in the United States.

“In my view, it’s a smart common sense plan to promote fiscal responsibility and put more money into the pockets of hardworking taxpayers on Long Island," Bellone said.

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