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2 Long Island roads among the deadliest for pedestrians in New York State

Jericho Turnpike and Hempstead Turnpike each saw 12 pedestrian deaths between 2012 and 2014

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According to a new study by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, two of the most dangerous roads for pedestrian deaths in New York State are located right here on Long Island.

"This has been an ongoing problem that we have seen across Long Island. We have some of the deadliest roads,” said Eric Alexander, Director of Vision Long Island. “We are 4 of the Top 5; we are 8 of the Top 12. It is pretty awful."

The two most dangerous local roads are Jericho Turnpike and Hempstead Turnpike; both had 12 pedestrians die from 2012 to 2014.

Today, there was a hit-and-run on Jericho Turnpike, and luckily, the pedestrian survived.

People who travel on Hempstead Turnpike do not think it is the only risky place to cross the street in that area.

"I can tell you, Elmont Road by the high school is dangerous,” said Plainview resident David Zemsky.

Gabrielle Johnson, a high school student from Elmont, died this past February on Elmont Road while walking to school.

Meanwhile, at a recent community meeting in Nassau County, many people felt that speeding, specifically in school zones, is making it very unsafe for children to cross the street.

"My daughter got hit by a truck, in October, while crossing the street to go to school," said Valley Stream resident Carolyn Torres.

But Alexander does not feel that drivers are the root of the problem with pedestrian deaths.

"It is really a design problem; it is an engineering problem. Clearly there are people that drive too fast, and there are folks who may be distracted or impaired in other ways,” Alexander said. “But the chief culprit in this is the design of our roadways, which are designed in a way that is unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists."

He went on to say that state funding is the answer to fix many of the problems on the roadways, and he listed the ways in which local roads can be improved.

"Crosswalks, medians, lower speeds, more narrow lanes. The types of things that should be in place for people who walk and bike and share the road with automobiles," he explained.

The New York State Department of Transportation released a statement on this saying:

"Accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles are routinely included in our highway and maintenance projects and we provide millions of dollars a year to localities for bicycle and pedestrian safety projects, as well as for general highway improvements that can include bike and pedestrian amenities."

Between 2012 and 2014, there were 210 pedestrian fatalities in Nassau and Suffolk counties combined.

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