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Brewery in Patchogue aims to roll out 'Delayed' beer on time at Penn Station

President of Blue Point Brewing Company says idea for brew was inspired while waiting for a late train


PATCHOUGE — Beer makers at Blue Point Brewing Company have come up with a new drink for the summer. It's called "Delayed" in reference to the Long Island Railroad and Penn Station.

"My brew master and myself were coming back to Long Island, in Penn Station waiting on a delayed train, playing the 'which beer would be perfect for this occasion.' And with the ‘summer of hell’ in full swing, we decided to make a beer specifically for this summer," says Todd Ahsmann, president of Blue Point Brewing Company.

Ashman says the "Delayed" brew highlights the chaos commuters have to endure at Penn Station this summer with repair work and a reduced train schedule.

The can design shows the color-coded LIRR branches commuters see up on the big board at Penn Satation.

Ahsmann says delayed is a European style pilsner with an American twist. He calls it a refreshing brew with a touch of bitterness so you don't lose your edge towards the current situation at Penn Station.

The “Delayed” beer isn't the first special product Blue Point Brewing Company has made related to news events. They’re always coming up with ideas for drinks having to do with what's relevant.

"We made a beer for the first presidential debate at Hofstra, called ‘Colonial Ale’ based on an old George Washington recipe," Ashman explains.

On Monday delayed will be sold exclusively at shake shack in Penn Station, then on Tuesday it will be available throughout the hub.

Ahsmann says delayed will be available until things get better with the LIRR.

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