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Dog trapped in golf course storm drain saved after going missing for days

Border collie was discovered after golfer heard whimpers from storm drain at the Willow Creek Golf and Country Club


Willow Creek Golf and Country Club supervisor, Frank Galasso, has been happily reunited with his border collie after it was rescued from a storm drain that imprisoned it underneath a mound.

On July 10, an alert was posted via Facebook that the border collie named James Brown had gone missing.

His owner expected the worst until a golfer heard whimpering coming from a drain cover. That's when one of the workers on the golf course called Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross who then contacted the Suffolk County Police Emergency Services Unit.

The dog was found several feet away underneath a mound which is now filled in with dirt.

Upon being rescued, the dog was rushed to a veterinary clinic who found him to be in good health despite his long ordeal.

It's not clear exactly how long the dog was stuck underneath that drain, but we're told he most likely wandered off and fell in while chasing a goose.

Gross says the rescue wouldn't have been possible without a collaborative, team effort.

Officials advise anyone who finds an animal in distress to alert police, the SPCA, or the nearest animal rescue shelter.

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