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‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star visits Glen Cove to support local pet rescue nonprofit

Dog-loving actor Ray Romano talks about why people should adopt from Ruff House Rescue


Everybody Loves Raymond actor Ray Romano joked about the possibility of adopting another pup while encouraging others to adopt with his favorite Long Island pet rescue.

"I have three dogs now, I could get another one but my wife would have to move out," Romano said.

He and his brothers grew up with animals and they recalled the first family pet they grew to love.

"We had a dog named Nemo, it wandered to my house and my father took it in," he said.

Ray even named the pizza place in Everybody Loves Raymond after Nemo.

Since their first pet, the family has welcomed many pets into their homes. This year Raymond’s brother, Rich Romano, adopted a pup from Ruff House Rescue

"Well, I think it's good luck. I wanted to get the dog that nobody wanted, to me the karma will come back," Rich Romano said.

He cherishes his dog and hopes other people will consider rescuing a pet.

The Romano's stood with ruff house rescue to encourage people to adopt a pet that has been rescued.

There were several dogs there that are currently up for adoption, and for a fundraiser, the rescue is offering to donate a prize that includes tickets, hotel, and airfare to Ray Romano’s upcoming Vegas show.

For details on any of the adoptable dogs from Ruff House Rescue and their upcoming fundraisers, you can visit

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