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Teenage soccer teammates aim to feed hungry mouths all year-round

Players organized a food drive over several weeks to bring meals to soup kitchen in Central Islip


CENTRAL ISLIP — A soccer team comprised of 13 and 14-year-olds spent part of their school vacation week giving back to the community.

It all started about six weeks ago, when the 17-player youth soccer team, the Atletico 04's from KK Athletics in Farmingville, decided they'd like to have a food drive.

"Schools collect food for holidays. We wanted to go for more than a holiday. So, we thought to collect food for all year-round," 13-year-old Andrew Watson said.

In those six weeks, they sent out flyers and put up a bin at their practice facility and also with different Suffolk County legislators. On Friday, they showed up to the Bethany Soup Kitchen in Central Islip with two cars full of food. But the team didn't stop at just donating.

The teens spent their morning making sandwiches and prepping food for the homeless as well. Aiden Oviedo-Torres, 13, said it's about becoming a productive member of society and raising awareness that many on Long Island are going hungry.

"We are the future generation, and we need to start early to make a difference in our world and help these kids that are going to sleep hungry. And we just need to help them," Oviedo-Torres said.

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