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Former US President Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary on Long Island

Clinton spoke at The Vault in Elmont to encourage people to support his wife in upcoming primary election

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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail on lONG Island Tuesday for his wife, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, as she looks to win the New York Democratic Primary.

Clinton spoke at The Vault in Elmont to encourage people to support his wife in the upcoming election.

"We have got to get back to a country where the American dream is alive and well, where we are all rising together. If you do that, you will never be sorry you did, and she will make you proud again," Bill Clinton said of his wife.

While addressing a packed room, he highlighted several important issues that Hillary would focus on if she were in office including infrastructure programs, expanding solar and wind power throughout the country, equal pay for women, family leave and her college debt relief plan.

"When it comes to keeping the American people safe, Hillary Clinton is the leader that I trust to command our armed forces and protect our country. She is inarguably the most qualified person in this race," Congresswoman Kathleen Rice said.

The New York State Primary is April 19, and Hillary Clinton’s adopted home state is key in this year’s highly contested presidential race.

"When he explained all of the things that she did I am more convinced that she deserves my vote," said Elmont resident Ingrid Francis.

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