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Frustrated LIRR riders sue MTA over delays, cancellations

Long Islanders file class-action lawsuit to resolve major commuter issue

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Report: Long Island Rail Road delays are worst in 10 years 

Meredith Jacobs is a Wantagh resident who has relied on the Long Island Railroad for the last 24 years but she says the last four years have been miserable.

“My employer should not see me leaving the office at 3:30 because I have to be at Wantagh by a quarter of seven to watch a concert for my daughters,” Jacobs said. “That's not fair to my employer, that's not fair to me, nobody should have to do that but we have too.”

She along with a Uniondale resident filed a class-action lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Saturday at the New York State Supreme Court in Mineola.

“The delays, the cancellations, and the overall headaches needed to be challenged,” said Paul Liggieri, Jacobs’ attorney.

Jacobs and her attorney feel it is the only way the issue can be resolved. They hope the result will benefit all commuters who have had to deal what they say are constant LIRR issues

“In my class-action lawsuit, I ask for refunds for every single monthly card holder, but moreover, I ask for answers. Let this class lawsuit serve as a symbol and beacon of hope for every single MTA Long Island commuter who wants answers from the MTA,” Attorney Liggieri said.

In response to the lawsuit, Senator Todd Kaminsky said in a statement that “commuters are bracing for a terrible summer, have endured horrendous delays, and are looking for any solutions. We should not be surprised if they take matters into their own hands to force change."

Meanwhile, Jacobs says she is looking forward to her day in court.

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