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How will insurance policies change if Obamacare is repealed and replaced?

A Long Island insurance broker clarifies what you need to know


GLEN COVE — The fate of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is up in the air as Senate Republican leaders strain to get the votes they need to repeal and replace it.

While the outcome is still uncertain, president of Jamar Insurance Agency Jason Samel says if the new health care bill passes, it will impact every single American.

"If the repeal goes through, I think 200 million people, 200 million, every single person in the United States is going to be affected in some way," Samel says.

The states will be responsible for putting new plans in place and Samel says New York has always been progressive when it comes to health care, and he thinks if the repeal passes, the state will put similar Obamacare policies in place.

“I think that we'll take things into our own hands, and I think that we might even have more progressive benefits for people than we currently do through Obamacare. But I think the red states might have a lot to worry about," Samel says.

What New Yorkers do have to worry about that could happen immediately if the repeal is passed, are insurance companies pulling out of the market.

"People have to worry about in the immediate future that insurance companies might go out of the market place, insurance rates within the next year could sky rocket," Samel says.

Samel says for 2018, insurance rates have already been settled, and if Obamacare is replaced, he does not think it will put into effect until after next year.

Just a reminder, open enrollment in New York runs from Nov.1 to Jan. 31. During that time, you will be able to change your plan or enroll in health care. Samel says it's essential to get professional help during the process.

"Go and get help! Find a navigator, find a broker, call New York State, ask them questions, they have the right answers," Samel says.

For starters, you can consult the New York State of Health web site.

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