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Northwell Health staff suited up with ‘super scrubs’ to repel disease-carrying fluids

New uniforms are made of material that stops harmful liquids from soaking in

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Hospitals have a new weapon against infections: they're called "super scrubs," and they keep pathogens that travel through liquids out of clothing that medical staff wear while treating patients. Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park is the first of 22 Northwell Health hospitals that will be using the new scrubs.

The uniform is made out of Vestex, a material that repels liquids that was designed by Vestagen Protective Technologies. When water hits this uniform, it rolls off without absorbing, protecting workers against things like blood, urine, and bile, which contain viruses or bacteria.

"Nothing gets absorbed in, and you can see it actually rolling right off your scrubs," Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurse Manager Christine Marigliano said.

Marigliano was the first person to test out these new uniforms, but by December, all 4,000 of Northwell Health’s employees will have this uniform and help the hospitals treat patients with a higher degree of safety.

"We eat, drink, and breathe patient safety. And now with these new scrubs we will be able to wear patient safety literally on our sleeve," Chief Medical Officer Dr. Peter Silver said.

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