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Grand jury: Child welfare agencies could have stopped man from sexually abusing foster kids

The dozens that Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu allegedly abused included mentally disabled boys

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A grand jury’s 83-page document outlined what it calls abysmal communication between agencies in the child welfare system which the report says allowed a man being investigated for child abuse to continue caring for foster children

The report says that lack of information sharing allowed Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu to foster more than 100 boys for two decades even though he had been investigated for child abuse 18 times.

Authorities say the 60-year-old former foster father oversaw a house of horrors in Ridge and is currently accused of sexually abusing eight mentally disabled boys as well as a dog.

The report says much of that abuse could and should have been prevented since there were multiple complaints filed against Gonzales-Mugaburu through the years.

Nonetheless, the document says that agencies tasked with the protection of children unwittingly supplied the alleged predator with more than 100 potential victims—all while he collected more than one and a half million dollars in taxpayer money.

The report recommends eliminating the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases.

“SCO is grateful to the Suffolk County Grand Jury for its prudent review of the foster care system and its recognition of the restrictions and limitations a private foster care agency is subject to…We are hopeful the findings included in this report will advance meaningful and systemic foster care reform in New York,” SCO Family of Services authorities said in a statement.

The Suffolk County Department of Social Services has not yet commented.

Gonzales-Mugaburu has pleaded not guilty and his trial is expected to start next month.

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