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Halfway through repair work at Penn Station, LIRR commuters report on rail's service

How riders are faring with the reduced train schedule


After four weeks of 20 percent fewer trains running on the Long Island Rail Road, John Schraner says he was expecting the commute to be more chaotic than it has been.

"Thought that we were going to have a lot of delays. It seemed like there was a lot more trouble before the start of the summer of hell and once they figured out what they were going to do it seems like they got it under control," Schraner said.

Renewal work to the web of tracks at Penn Station called A-interlocking is entering its fifth week.

To make room for Amtrak crews, three of the station's 21 tracks are closed. So fewer trains are running through Labor Day.

Though Amtrak officials say the repair work at Penn station should be finished on time.

Natalie Parker of Setauket says the trains have been on time for her so far this summer.

"It's pretty reliable. I like the Ronkonkoma line, I think it's the best one."

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota also hopes to improve the city's subway system.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has proposed the richest one percent of residents be taxed to pay for Lhota's $8 billion long-term plan.

Lhota hopes the city will split the cost with the state for his short-term plan of $836 million for immediate repairs.

De Blasio has said the city already funds the MTA enough money and shouldn't have to pay any more.

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