The 6-month-old’s rare birth defect was the first case of its kind

The fungus called Candida auris is a harmful form of yeast

The blue-green algae found in Willow Pond can cause nausea, vomiting, skin irritations, allergic reaction or difficulty breathing

Patients undergo immunotherapy to strengthen immune system before surgery

Health officials expect to see an unusually high number of disease-carrying ticks

Medical experts urge you to cover up as you head outside this spring

According to CDC, colon cancer is 2nd leading killer among cancers in the US and is behind lung cancer

‘Match Day’ happens nationwide at various schools of medicine

As the wearer exercises, the fitness band accumulates points that eventually unlock a mobile game

Aspiring photojournalist Danielle Meacham may have gone blind were it not for a new non-surgical procedure

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