Ron LeeSep 13, 2017, 11:21 am

Police: Hempstead High School drama teacher stole $140K worth of computers

Theresa Cucina charged with grand larceny in connection with theft of devices bought by district


In a dramatic scene that unfolded not inside, but outside one of her classes, Hempstead High School theatre teacher Theresa Cucina offered no words as she left the administrative building for the Hempstead School District through a side door in handcuffs and into a waiting a car Tuesday.

According to New York City police, Cucina has been charged with grand larceny in connection with the theft of more than $140,000 worth of computers that were purchased by the district.

New York City police say back on Aug. 24, they received a complaint about the alleged theft of tablets and laptops that were purchased from the district from Compulink, a company based in Manhattan as well as other vendors. Police say stolen computers were then repackaged and shipped out of Kennedy Airport to an "unknown location."

FiOS1 News has learned that Cucina, who goes by the name Terry, has been a member of the New York State Theatre Education Association since 2006 and that she had been administrating a new company on Long Island called "It's My Place," which is designed to help autistic students develop social skills.

Arraignment information for Cucina is not clear. However, FiOS1 News has also learned that she has worked as the drama club adviser and the director of the fall and spring productions here at Hempstead High School.

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