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Hero firefighter reunites with driver he helped save from train collision

Peter DiPinto, a Brookhaven firefighter, saved a motorist stuck at a train crossing from an oncoming LIRR train


Brookhaven resident and firefighter Peter DiPinto is being hailed as a hero after saving a motorist from a oncoming Long Island Railroad train on Tuesday.

Officials say that the incident, which happened on Tuesday evening at Montauk Highway and Arthur Avenue near the Bellport station, saw a vehicle waiting at the crossing gates was involved in a car accident, where another car pushed it onto the tracks.

That's when DiPinto heard a loud bang and ran towards the noise.

Upon arriving at the scene, DiPinto found a woman still stuck in her SUV on the tracks, as an eastbound LIRR train was heading their way. Authorities say he then sprang into action, pulling the woman from the vehicle seconds before the train plowed into the SUV, sending it flying into the woods.

"It was really a bang-bang, 1-2-3 thing," DiPinto said. "It was scary because the train was coming down as we were crossing the tracks, and it was a very loud explosion."

Officials say that thanks to DiPinto's speedy response, the motorist only suffered minor injuries.

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