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Historic home that Village of Baxter Estates was named after damaged by fire

Residents heartbroken by the loss of their area’s sole landmark

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Members of the Baxter Estates community that fought to preserve a historic 18th century home are devastated after an overnight fire damaged the landmark.

“We've been working hard for several years now to save the Baxter Estates house. It's the house after which our village is name. It was a beautiful house with 340 years of history,” Port Washington resident Kathy Coley said.

The fire department responded to the fire on Shore Road early Sunday morning; it took nine local fire companies to get the fire under control.

The 18th century home has been the center of conflict within the community since its owner put in an application to demolish it and re-build a replica—an idea that some in the community opposed, according to Chris Bain, the president of the Historical Society of Port Washington.

The home's application for demolition was set to be heard by the village next month.

“This historic house was allowed to fall into an increasing horrid state of disrepair over the last two or three years primarily at the hands of the owner, and to a lesser extent, the village of Baxter Estates. They should all be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen. Make no mistake, they let this happen,” Bain asserted.

The homeowner has declined to comment. The cause of the fire at the now-charred home is being investigated.

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