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Dix Hills sisters heading Harvey relief drive receive outpouring of support from LI synagogues

Dorey Kappel and Lauren Chizner, originally from Houston, say they are willing to organize another event for Irma victims


With fears and concerns intensifying as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, volunteers on Long Island want to make sure the victims of Hurricane Harvey are not being forgotten. In Melville, the heart and generosity of the Island is shining through thanks to two sisters from Houston who now live in Dix Hills.

"I've been sick for days. My best friends, my high school friends, my very best, best friend, she lost everything. So, I've been really, just physically ill about it all," said Dorey Kappel.

"We put it on social media, and the next thing we knew, my husband's synagogue in Manhasset, Temple Beth Torah and Port Jewish Center where I'm the educator all wanted to come on board," said Lauren Chizner, Dorey Kappel’s sister.

Kappel and Chizner admit they initially felt helpless being so far from Houston, where three synagogues and a Jewish center were devastated by Harvey. Moreover, their idea to send emergencies supplies to a temple in Houston has led to a massive outpouring of support from synagogues across Long Island with blankets, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and food set to be shipped in an 18-wheeler truck.

"This is crazy. The whole community has gone nuts getting everything here, and we've also collected hundreds and hundreds of dollars of gift cards that we can send to people and they can just use it, you know, as they choose," Kappel said.

The effort on Thursday is part of a much larger effort on Long Island to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Another example of great generosity was on display this past Monday in Massapequa when FiOS1 News was present as Lions Club members from Nassau and Suffolk packed a 53-foot semi with non-perishable food, blankets, and other emergency supplies that by now, should have arrived in Texas.

Meantime, as Florida braces for what could be a devastating impact caused by Hurricane Irma the sisters say they'd be willing to hold another collection to help those victims.

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