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PD: Suffolk men threatened 7-Eleven clerk, drove away in car with illegal guns

Hector Gonzalez, Oscar Madrid and Timothy Flythe face charges in Walt Whitman Road incident

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Three men from Huntington Station are behind bars after police say they threatened a 7-Eleven store clerk and then fled in a vehicle full of illegal weapons. It happened on Walt Whitman Road at around 11 o'clock Tuesday morning.

Detectives say one of the suspects, Hector Gonzalez, walked into the store asking to buy cigarettes, but was denied because he didn't have identification. Gonzalez reportedly went back to his car and returned to the store with two other men, Oscar Madrid and Timothy Flythe.

Gonzalez appeared to have a gun in his waistband and then apparently threatened to kill the clerk. The clerk attempted to write down the license place of the car the men were driving, but police say Madrid pulled the note out of the victim's hand, got in the car, and left. The store worker then called 911.

FiOS1 News was told a Melville Fire Department paramedic who was listening to the police scanner happened to see the suspects' vehicle and told police where it was heading. Police pulled the men over near the intersection of Route 110 and Route 109. Upon further investigation, they seized two illegal loaded handguns in the vehicle that belonged to Flythe.

Store employees said they did not want to comment on the incident.

Gonzalez is being charged with menacing and was issued a bench warrant. Flythe is being charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and Madrid is being charged with grand larceny.

All three of those men are being held at the Second Precinct and will be arraigned at first district court in Central Islip on Wednesday.

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