Brittany ComakSep 7, 2017, 10:57 am

Passengers at MacArthur Airport heed warnings as Irma continues to impact travel

5 inbound flights still scheduled to arrive on time and 6 outbound flights on track


RONKONKOMA — As Hurricane Irma swirls closer to the United States, travel continues to be impacted. Thousands of flights out of Florida have already been cancelled beginning this Friday and going throughout the weekend.

Airlines aren't the only means of travel feeling the strain. Amtrak has also had to cancel some of their scheduled trains, and cruise ships have had to be rerouted from the Caribbean where Irma currently is.

In New York, flights from Florida to popular airports like LaGuardia and JFK are sold out. And they are coming at a high price, with some paying hundreds of dollars for a one way ticket.

At MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, all flights are still a go as of now, with no delays or cancellations yet, but some passengers are heeding the warnings.

Also at MacArthur Airport there are five flights scheduled to arrive Thursday from different parts of Florida, and six flights that are supposed to touchdown in the Sunshine State on Thursday as well.

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