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Residents in Patchogue neighborhood say LIRR trains sit idle, create noise and smells

Neighbors on Academy Street say it’s been happening for 10 years


Residents on Academy Street in Patchogue say Long Island Railroad trains constantly sit idling on the tracks behind their homes, creating unbearable noises, smells and leaving soot everywhere.

"The noise is crazy, it's really strong. Sometimes they park two trains over there for like 40 minutes or more," says Rafael Carrasquel, who lives across the street from the rail line.

Carrasquel says he usually smells a bad odor when the trains idle. He says the vibrations shake his house so much that he has cracks in his walls. Carrasquel says the trains idle every day of week, but he says they sit on the tracks for even longer on the weekend.

Carrasquel says in the five years he's lived on Academy Street, the idling trains have been a problem. He says other neighbors say it's been happening for 10 years and they say in all of this time, the LIRR and the MTA have ignored the residents' requests to stop.

In a statement, the MTA said the agency strives to avoid idling trains in residential neighborhoods whenever possible.

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