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Immigrants attend meeting with local leaders in Westbury to better understand travel ban

They talked about some of President Trump's controversial policies and how communities might be affected

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Members of the Muslim community voicing their concerns over the recent actions of President Donald Trump—particularly his controversial travel ban—and calls to deport millions of illegal immigrants.

On Wednesday night, about 100 Long Islanders who are from Muslim and Latin-American countries met at Westbury Middle School where they spoke with elected officials and religious leaders.

"Our community is extremely scared now," Albertson resident Seemi Ahmed said.

Pedro Quintanilla came to this country from El Salvador back in 1980 and now serves as a trustee for the Westbury School District. He says close to 70 percent of his students are Latino and many of them fear that they or members of their families could be targeted for their immigration status.

"This event is for the purpose of reassuring them that they have a support system, that we are looking after them, that they are not alone," Pedro Quintanilla said.

The event was hosted by the Islamic Center of Long Island. In a show of solidarity, Jewish Rabbi Micahael White also took part in the discussion.

"We're here because people are feeling threatened and they're feeling as if their connection to the country should be questioned," said Rabbi Michael White of Temple Sinai.

And the group is sending this letter to acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, urging him not to honor detainer requests from immigration and customs enforcement unless there's a federal warrant.

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