Chelsea IrizarrySep 12, 2017, 11:58 pm

James Coll put on ballot after petition error disqualified him in legislature race

Candidate alleges that sample ballots were tampered with


A day before the NY Primary, James Coll was put back on the ballot after a petition error disqualified him from challenging John. R Ferretti in Nassau County's 15th Legislative District.

Coll is alleging that sample ballots passed out at the district's voting locations, which made the last minute change adding his name, have been tampered with.

"I noticed a stack of ballots, sample ballots, all indicating who to vote for, a circle penciled in and an arrow, saying fill oval here, and it was the other candidate John Ferretti," Coll said.

Coll said a neighbor contacted him about the sample ballots notifying the voter who to cast their ballot for at East Broadway Elementary School. The Nassau County Police Department was then notified

“We have a notification in with the Bureau of Nassau County District Attorney. This is a clear violation of election law. It's the clear advocacy of one candidate, even more than it's instructor to vote for one candidate over the other," he said.

Coll's attorney, Jonathan Clarke said he thinks they do have legal action to take.

"I think we're winning this and in the unlikely event we do not, we are going to ask that this election is not certified. We're not sure if we'll bring it to federal court. We may want federal protection. We may want poll watchers to ensure this is a free and fair election," Clarke said.

There is no word yet if other locations had the alleged tampered ballots and the investigation is still ongoing.

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