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Farmingville holds vigil in honor of football player who died during drill exercise

Sachem High School East team gives its final salute to 16-year-old Joshua Mileto


FARMINGVILLE — Hundreds came out to honor Joshua Mileto, the Sachem High School East football player who was killed during a football training drill.

Football players first knelt then hugged and then gave a final salute to their teammate 16-year-old Mileto. He was killed during a football drill when a log being carried overhead fell and hit him in the head.

“My son is best friends with him, not best friends but very, very close friends with him. Like, they hung out every day. So yes, my son knows him very well. My son was there when it happened and my son is heartbroken,” said parent Steven Dowsett, who is reeling from the tragic accident and angered about the exercise that led to Mileto's death.

“They should not have been doing that exercise. Adults can't even do that exercise and they had 15, 14, 13, 16, 17-year-old kids doing this exercise… We didn't know they did exercises like that. These kids don't come home and tell us that they're doing that. So we're expecting that they're just doing normal football exercises,” Dowsett added.

Mileto played for the school’s junior varsity football team.

His funeral will be held Tuesday morning in Holbrook.

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