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Event in Syosset discusses ways to keep Long Island’s young population from dwindling

Rental apartments, retail businesses near train stations need to be created, one lawmaker says


SYOSSET — Local lawmakers are pushing to find new ways to convince young people to stay on Long Island. U.S Congressman Tom Suozzi attended an event Friday designed for young people to voice their concerns.

Over the past 25, years there has been a decline in the Island's 18 to 35 demographic.

“Honestly, for my age, I feel like they don't have anything fun to do. Like, whenever I want to go out for fun, we usually go to the city,” says Samiha Graffar of Syosset

“I’m nervous about affordable housing 'cause, you know, it’s kind of hard on Nassau County. That's one of our biggest issues and I kind of nervous to like have move away just to be able to find a home,” says Hicksville resident Anya Marquardt

“Of course, we need transit oriented development. We need to build housing that is affordable, rental options near our downtowns and near our stations just like New York City,” says Josh Lafazan, who is running for the position of Nassau County legislator.

Rep. Suozzi says he has been trying to combat the issue of trying to keep young people here on Long Island for more than 15 years. He says although he doesn't want to change the suburban feel of Long Island, he does think there is room for an upgrade in certain areas.

“We need to create rental apartments in downtown areas near our train stations with shops and restaurants and businesses so there are exciting places to live,” Rep. Suozzi says.

But what will it take to get there? Many young people hope other county officials will hear their concerns and take action immediately. Some say while they do love the city, they want to still have Long Island which is home as an option.

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