Kevin VeseyNov 9, 2016, 6:57 pm

Re-elected Congressman says he’s looking forward to going back to work for voters

Rep. Lee Zeldin aims to fix health-care system, strengthening middle class and help veterans

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One day after winning a second term on Capitol Hill, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin met with FiOS1 News in his hometown of Shirley and said Washington’s number one goal should be reuniting what's clearly a divided nation.

Zeldin was one of president-elect Donald Trump's biggest supporters throughout the campaign season and says he's looking forward to fixing the country's health-care system, simplifying the tax code, creating jobs, strengthening the middle class and taking care of our nation's veterans.

And when asked if trump's popularity might have helped his own campaign Zeldin admits it probably didn't hurt.

When Congress reconvenes in January, there will be a Republican in the White House as well as a Republican-controlled House and Senate.

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