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MTA unveils LIRR park and ride bus service ahead of Penn Station repairs

Train commuters will have 8 locations where they can park their vehicles and board buses


UNIONDALE — Starting Monday at eight different spots on Long Island, the MTA will have buses available to take Long Island Railroad commuters into the city as an alternative to taking the trains this summer when 20 percent will either be cancelled or rerouted.

The locations where you can park your car and hop on a bus are:

- North Hempstead Beach Park with 300 spaces.
- Belmont Racetrack with 656 spaces.
- Valley Stream LIRR train station with 125 spaces
- Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall with 450 spaces
- Nassau Coliseum with 350 spaces
- Bethpage State Park with 350 spaces
- Seaford LIRR will have no additional spots. It will be "Kiss & Ride" only and you will have to be dropped off.
- Melville with 200 spaces

People who use the Melville Park and ride are worried about the influx of people coming to park.

Director for marketing at the Nassau Coliseum Matt Ackermann says the arena will have 350 parking spaces for LIRR commuters.

Ackermann says the buses from the coliseum will be free for weekly and monthly LIRR ticket holders.
No single ride purchases will be available on site. He says buses will pick up from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.
and leave Manhattan in the evening from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Buses from the Coliseum will drop off in Manhattan at 34th street and 3rd Avenue 34th Street between 7th and 8TH avenues and 44th Street and 3rd Avenue

You can park and leave your car at the Coliseum in lot 6 by entering from the Earl Ovington entrance.
The MTA-owned and operated buses will run continuously picking people up on the sidewalk on Hempstead Turnpike by Lot 6. And if you're concerned there isn't enough parking, Ackermann says there's more than enough at the Coliseum.

These buses run from July 10 to September 1 when the LIRR is expected to go back to its normal schedule.

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