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LIRR riders mull railroad’s reliability when choosing to buy weekly, monthly passes

Commuters sound off on the 2nd month of track work at Penn Station


In the fourth week of the Long Island Railroad summer schedule, many commuters say the trains have been on time for the most part. But some are still apprehensive a problem could occur during this stretch when fewer trains are running.

Kevin Martinez has been buying weekly passes instead of monthly in case he had a bad experience on the train.

"I wanted to make sure everything was working so I did weekly. So far I'm still on a weekly basis but I'm thinking I might switch to a monthly." Martinez said.

Other commuters say the chaos they were expecting on the trains this summer because of track work at Penn Station hasn't been as bad as they thought it might be.

"It's pretty good. A couple of late trains but nothing too crazy," Tiffany Ormeno of Westbury said.

The MTA is providing buses and ferries as alternative ways to get into the city but fewer people than anticipated are choosing them over the train.

So beginning Wednesday, buses at the five park-and-ride locations on Long Island will run hourly instead of every half hour and the ferry to and from Long Island City is canceled.

The MTA suggests customers take the 7 train from Hunters Point for a free transfer while the ferry route between Glen Cove and Manhattan is still running.

The latest from Amtrak is that the repair work is expected to be finished by Labor Day which is when the train schedule should return to normal.

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