Brittany ComakSep 13, 2018, 4:19 pmSep 14, 2018, 6:29 pm

Around 1M new clams seeded in Oyster Bay

Supervisor says the clams will keep seafood business booming, will be ready for harvest in 3 years


OYSTER BAY – In an effort to bolster the local shellfish population, the town of Oyster Bay and the Baymen helped to seed around one million clams in the harbor on Thursday.

Supervisor Joseph Saladino said that by restoring the shellfish population in this way on public acreage in the bay, it keeps the seafood business booming, and the Baymen working.

"Programs like this help bolster the local economy and improve the resilience of our coastal communities and our resources by restoring shellfish populations to this water," Saladino said.

The clams will be ready to be harvested in about three years allegedly. Once they're adults, will filter 50 million gallons of water every day.

"The preservation of Oyster Bay's harbors' water quality is vital to making the water cleaner for swimming, fishing, boating, clamming, and for all life in the harbor,” Oyster Bay Councilwoman Michelle Johnson said.

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Oyster Bay, New York