Ron LeeJan 3, 2018, 12:23 pm

2 schools in Hempstead reopen after burst pipes extends holiday break for some students

District says ‘weather related emergencies’ forced 3 buildings to close


HEMPSTEAD — Some students are enjoying an unexpected and extended holiday break due to what the Hempstead District described as "weather-related emergencies."

After a holiday break of nearly two weeks, Tuesday was supposed to be the first back in class for students in Hempstead. Instead, students at Hempstead High School, Front Street Elementary and at Prospect Elementary who had braved the cold were told to return home due to those "weather-related emergencies."

The notice had some students and parents fuming mad at the district for poor planning and lack of communication.

The Hempstead School District told FiOS1 News Prospect Elementary and Hempstead High School were both closed due to burst pipes and flooded classrooms. Front Street Elementary was closed because the heat was not working.

While Hempstead High School and Font Street Elementary both reopened Wednesday one day behind schedule, the district has not yet announced when Prospect Elementary will be ready to reopen.

It is not clear if students who attend the school will eventually have to make up for any lost days.

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