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Car smashes into Plainview home with family inside; driver dead, 3 passengers injured

NCPD are investigating the accident


PLAINVIEW — A vehicle careened off Round Swam Road and smashed into a Plainview home early Sunday morning, killing the driver and injuring three passengers.

White Plains resident Peter Flores says his son and grandchildren were asleep inside the home when the car hit. He says his son immediately called him to tell him what happened.

"It’s four in the morning, and it was very unusual, so I picked up the phone and he said, 'Dad, something happened. Somebody crashed into our house,'" Flores said, describing the late-night phone call with his son.

Flores says thankfully his son and his two small grandchildren were not hurt, but they will have to move.

"Structural damage — it's not livable anymore. That's what I was told,” Flores said. “And you think about this weather; it's a very cold temperature and it's one problem on top of the other."

For now, Flores says his son’s family will have to stay in a hotel.

Police have not yet said whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in this crash and have not yet released the identities of those that were in the car.

Next-door neighbor Shula Bashkin says Round Swam Road is prone to speeding.

"They should slow down, seriously. It's really dangerous,” Bashkin said.

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