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Great Neck roads clear after snowfall; snow crews leave commuters surprised

Officials urge commuters to stay cautious on roads that appear clear


GREAT NECK — Thick, heavy snow was falling on Long Island all Saturday night.

"I probably left my house around 9:30 p.m., and that's probably when it was at the peak of its badness,” said Great Neck resident Sarah Rosen. “I had left my house, and it was literally just white everywhere and I couldn't even see the streets and my car was completely buried."

Some commuters ventured out of Long Island expecting to have a long trek back, but hours later, when the snow stopped they had a pleasant surprise.

"The roads are pretty clean, they're not too bad, they're drivable,” said Great Neck resident Mirza Baig. “I mean they're doing a really good job."

The Village of Great Neck had plowers and salt trucks out on the streets since the very beginning of the storm, ensuring that the roads were clear of that slushy snow as soon as possible.

Roads appear to be clear, but officials urge commuters to stay cautious.

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