Archie SnowdenJul 15, 2018, 12:51 pm

Residents of Long Island protest for speed light cameras

Mother who lost her son: ‘Sammy didn’t get to live his life, State Senate Leader John Flanagan shouldn’t get a day off’


EAST NORTHPORT – Families of New Yorkers killed by reckless drivers protested in front of the home of State Senate Leader John Flanagan for a speed light camera program on Sunday. Governor Andrew Cuomo and state senator Marty Golden, described as one of the most influential senators in Flanagan’s party, have asked the Senate leader to reconvene the Senate and pass legislation to allow speed cameras to continue. If not passed, some cameras in New York will be turned off.

Protestors claim the cameras could save lives.

"This is something we can solve easily without a lot of money and huge disagreements on whether it’s the right thing to do," Huntington resident Devan Sipher said.

To the protesters said lost loved ones to deadly crashes, a simple vote of yes is a no-brainer.

"Sammy didn't get to live his life. Senator Flanagan should not be taking the day off. He needs to go back to Albany and pass this bill," Amy Cohen, who lost her son, said. "Why are we allowing people to die when we have solutions that work? The United States is one of the most dangerous is one of the most dangerous nations for traffic-related deaths. Other people have solved this problem. New York City is solving this problem. We can't let Albany tie our hands. We need to do the right thing."

AAA said that speed is the number one cause of accidents in the past decade. The national transportation safety board says it’s all in favor of adding speed cameras to help eliminate those fatalities.

Flanagan has blamed democratic leaders for taking too long to address the issue but hasn't said why he will not reconvene to pass the legislation.

The group plans to take its protest to Albany later this week.

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